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Manual “MW” winding stations with cantilever-type or carriage-supported shafts with two or more winding axles.
Reel-change over and foil edge taking up on the new winding shaft are manually controlled by the operator. In the event of elevated line speed, the winding station can be supplied complete with accumulator-compensator system permitting reel change over at reduced speed without output slowing down, while ensuring safety of the operating personnel.

“MW” winders are suitable for any type of winding shafts, although their typical basic arrangement is intended for shaft diameters 3” – 6” or 8”. Winding axles are variable frequency drive controlled with servo diameter function, with or without feedback from load cell. The servo diameter confi guration software provided is capable of detecting the diameter of the building up reel with extreme precision, and therefore of progressively modifying the delivered motor torque – peripheral winding tension is thus maintained constant from reel start to end. Through Taper function, possibility to automatically control the reduction in winding tension as the reel diameter is growing up.

Reel downloading can be manual, automatic or semi-automatic by operator-controlled movable carriages. Some process stages can be customized or automated by the installation of ancillary equipment such as automatic transverse cutters or motor-driven cradles for reel removal. Possibility of interfacing the winder with existing reel conveying systems, or of entire M.T.G. design and manufacture.

For their simple mechanical structure and easy electric-pneumatic control equipment, “MW” winders are user-friendly machines, both as regards operation and servicing. M.T.G. employs component parts easily and rapidly available on the market only, thus ensuring minimized spare parts procurement costs and reduced possible downtimes.

Automation is SIEMENS PLC S7-300 based with touch-screen type Operator Panel, complete with communication network for extrusion line interfacing and central remote assistance. Accuracy in software development has enhanced control on winding tension through careful electronic compensation of static and dynamic frictions.

Due the modular concept of their various component parts, “MW” winding assemblies can be easily customized and manufactured in specifi cally-tailored arrangements, so as to comply with the most various dimensional and logistic requirements depending on the space available at the production site. After a preliminary technical meeting, MTG Engineering Dept. proceeds to machinery design, executed in constant contact with Customers. Before starting manufacture, MTG Engineering Dept. issues a detailed provisional assembly scheme of the machine and submits it to the Customers for approval.

Side trimmers and central cutters for foil separation into two or more webs are available.

The company MTG can count upon business partnership with worldly acknowledged leading manufacturers to offer top-quality cutting equipment, prolonged service life of cutting blades and rapidity of blade replacement. The employ of patented safeguards maximize operator protection and drastically reduce injuries and accidents in a potentially hazardous zone of the extrusion line.



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